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Gary is a highly sought after individual. He is known for breaking the mould of anatomical thinking and for his creation of the Flow Motion Model. His philosophy has always been that by educating practitioners, he would be able to benefit more people in the long run than if he was to work individually in a clinical setting. With this in mind, Gary offers online help, which is educational, informative and designed to help you understand your body better and get your body moving in a new, innovative and empowering way. He has also worked to enhance the skillset of many practitioners around the world who he makes openly available to help you and finally he also runs minimal clinical hours.

There are three options to get you started working with Gary and his AiM methodology. They range from least expensive and most accessible to most expensive and least accessible. 

Gary running a Flow Motion Model™ Course

1. Wake your body up!

By far the quickest and least expensive option is Gary’s ‘Wake Your Body up’ series of videos designed to help you to help yourself. It is a source of educational insight as well as an opportunity to try out the AiM method on your own body (with or without a therapist). There are simple things you can learn about your own body’s movement (or lack of) and use simple movement based processes to put that movement back in your body creating space and opportunity to heal.

2. Worldwide AiM practitioners.

Gary invites you to contact already Qualified Therapists and Trainers who have attended one or more of his AiM Finding Centre workshops as part of their own personal continued professional development.

Have a look to see if you can find one who you feel you would like to work with.

3. Book an appointment with Gary Ward.

There is currently a minimum 18 month waiting list to work with Gary directly which is why the other 2 options have been made available first and are advisable. With Gary’s Family, writing and teaching schedule, he unfortunately has space to see 2 or 3 people per week for approximately 32 weeks of the year. Even if you do manage to get space with him OR another therapist much sooner than that, Gary still advises doing the self-help video’s as you may find that you are the best and only person to help yourself. Equally the videos are a form of preparation before seeing any practitioner you book to see.

Carried out diligently, the videos can guide you to understand your problem better and help you work with ANY therapist by virtue of beginning to understand your body and what really needs to be treated.

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"Gary’s intuitive approach to therapy is as challenging as it is convincing and the results speak for themselves."


"Gary is paving the way for a completely new approach to physical therapy and human performance. He has the ability to make the body’s most-cryptic musculoskeletal ailments and nuances seem like common sense. What The Foot? is the definitive painkilling guide that every athlete, therapist and orthopaedist needs to read."


"What the Foot is the kind of book that the Physiotherapy profession has being crying out for to help us realise that we cannot treat injuries and pain in isolation and that the whole body and nervous system needs to be taken into account with every single injury. A great read and game changer!"


"This book is a simple MUST read whether you are an athlete, a personal trainer, a physio, chiro or osteo. I feel I have been given a gift from Gary and reading his long awaited book just cements my feelings WTF? Really? Yes it unlocks the potential in everyone."